When you need to travel during Pandemic

Photo by Elly Johnson on Unsplash

In second week of March I had to travel to India, I was unvaccinated that time. I have travelled alone before but to travel in the time of pandemic was different for me. I cried after saying goodbye to family at the airport, they were equally anxious for me. The five hour journey was converted into ten hours, I didn't eat anything in the plane because I was scared to remove my mask. …

Three days of dress up game exhausts me

Photo by artawkrn on Unsplash

Thanks to Bollywood I am tired of Indian weddings. Each year there are so many movies which have the theme of the wedding. Now just the thought of attending an Indian wedding even when it’s in the family looks like a punishment to me. I feel like travelling somewhere alone instead of attending a wedding.

Reason what can be done in a simple way has become a task now. I am tired of the three day of playing dressing up games. In the time of pandemic the whole ritual of getting married has been reduced from three days to one…

Priyanka Srivastava

with too many things in my head i write to sort it all till the sky is empty and there’s no poetry

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